Logistics, Yard Management And Inspections


Ozcon Engineering understands how important the transport and logistics steps are in delivering the product on time, safely and in the same premium condition that it left our facility. Our ability to service our clients with proven and long term relationships with a key number of pipe transporting specialist freight companies ensures that the ball won’t be dropped on your project.

Our expanded logistics capabilities include:

  • Variety of transportation options
  • Packing to suit customer requirements
  • A large facility in Dalby to allow storage during the project life cycle
  • Hot shot services for urgent deliveries

Our motto is, “The job isn’t complete until it is delivered on-time, safely and the client is happy”.

Yard Management and Inspections

Taking our knowledge and expertise in threading and logistics, our growing inspection and yard management service is a great value adding department to our clients projects. Whether it be full inventory management and yard despatch services or quality inspections before transport, we have the ability to scale our services to meet demand or requirements on site.

Our full range of services include:

  • Issue and management of consignment stock
  • Tubular Inspections, gauging and thread reports as per requirements and or relevant standards
  • Loading and unloading service for transportation
  • Scheduling transport and logistics
  • Tracking and management of stock

Currently we perform yard management and inspection services on three client sites nationally, with the ability to set up racking and infrastructure to suit the project or contract.  These services are generally offered on customer or third party sites where stock control and logistics prove difficult for the client.

Ozcon Engineering understands the difficulties of bulk handling and storing of piping and casing, either as a temporary measure onsite or a permanent long term situation. The solution to the problem was to design and develop our own racks both fully welded or bolt together and have the designs certified by an independent engineering company. The racks are designed to hold from 2” to 20” pipe with capacities and design in mind for ease of handling.