The team at Ozcon Engineering regularly review capabilities, capacity and relevance to current market requirements, regulations and opportunity. To allow for any change in capability or capacity to continue, the business has resourced and focused on a strong standing within the three pillars of business – Quality, Safety and Environment.


Operating within a Quality Management System that has met the requirements and been certified previously for many years to ISO 9001, Ozcon Engineering has built a reputation for rigid quality standards backed up by clear and consistent traceability and performance of products. Heat certificates, full production and manufacturing reports and consistent documentation are all normal operational requirements within Ozcon Engineering. Our track record of supplying the highest level of product quality is one of the industry’s best and we welcome potential clients to come and visit or audit our business quality and management systems. We foster an environment of continuous improvement through everything that we do at Ozcon and believe this is imperative to ensuring that our clients are, and remain, satisfied.


Every business views safety compliance in different ways, however at Ozcon Engineering we see safety as one of our biggest strategic commitments. Our safety statistics are extremely encouraging with no lost time injuries or medical treatment injuries occurring to date. Our Ozcommit guidelines to safe work, additional licensing and staff training ID cards are continuous improvements to the Ozcon program and all are scheduled to be complete by the end of this financial year. We regularly review our safety statistics, have management meetings dedicated to driving safety improvements and have successfully passed a number of internal and external safety audits. We welcome potential and current clients to review our safety performance and systems, as we see inspections and audits as a great way to continually challenge and improve the business.


At Ozcon Engineering, as a manufacturing firm, we are well aware of the need to ensure that we are not only running a sustainable business but also that we are running an environmentally sound business. Waste reduction, detailed environmental impact studies and low chemical usage are all areas in which the business has really placed a commitment on performing and refining even further. To date, there have been no environmental issues. Not only are our workshop and manufacturing processes environmentally friendly but so too are our products. Ozcon’s proprietary products have been designed with generous consideration to the environment. All aspects from storage, installation to performance have been considered.

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